Does social media take too much of your time? What if you could simply take it off your plate?

Unsure about which platforms perform best for your business or what your analytics really mean?

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Sudevi Mossé Social Media Consultant


Hi, I’m Sudevi. Your guide to all things with social media, here to support, optimize, and maintain your social media presence in order for you to meet your goals and make the right impression of your business or yourself!

what's next? my 3 step process:

  • 1 Check out available plans below. If you’re not sure where you fit in or you’re in a time crunch, skip to step #2. 🙂
  • 2 Contact me to setup an appointment.
  • 3 We meet and select a plan that accomplishes your goals.

Seize the opportunity to get your social media performing at its greatest capacity. The longer you wait, the more you could be unintentionally hurting your online image. Don’t let your competition get ahead and woo your online clients away!

management + strategy

I provide three tiers of social media content creation in incrementally involved package plans. In the “Basic Package”, I format and schedule content you create into optimized social media posts. In the “Booster Package”, I create content to complement your resources and also implement a social strategy from your analytics reports. In the “Comprehensive Package” I do all three!

Format and optimize your content, create additional content as needed, and strategize according to your analytics reports and marketing goals. No matter which plan you choose, I provide monthly meetings, services on a variety of social media platforms, and take the guesswork out of social media.

training sessions

I provide social media training sessions on management and strategy. In the management sessions you get tools to create your own efficient workflow, find the right content, and learn how to optimize posts for each social media platform you use. In the strategy sessions you learn how to translate a marketing strategy into social media posts and how to interpret your analytics.

I also bring you your industry-specific research and concepts that you can implement into your social media strategy immediately. Session lengths vary depending on attendee number, although breaking up training into 2-4 sessions is recommended.

social media portfolio

I provide an organized approach to achieve a visually cohesive and on-brand social media presence for your business that resonates with your online followers.

I work with a variety of social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc) but examples of my work are taken from Instagram to more fully demonstrate my visually oriented approach.

> see my portfolio

No matter if you’re a small business, a big company, or an individual you can translate your values and message through social media to get the results you’re looking for!

"Sudevi built our social media presence quickly and effectively with minimal guidance, was accountable to all deadlines, answered our prospect inquires, and taught us how we could effectively use social media to achieve our desired results." - Luke Hillis, The Cambridge Center for Software Development

"Sudevi was extremely easy to work with in developing a truly custom workshop experience for our specific business needs. It was a joy to work with her as we launched the next phase of our social media strategy." - LeAnne Calvert, Days Hotel

"Having Sudevi's strategies for engaging our current audience and gaining new followers was great. This allowed for a mix of social media that never became dull or repeating. With that info and additional support from Sudevi, it helped align our social media presence and business image together." - Dan Zimmerman, AR Auto Service 

"Sudevi was super attentive to the details in her social media strategy research and report. She gave the big picture and coached me through a sustainable long-term strategy that would work for my needs. Highly recommend!" - Corey Morrow, New Normal Consulting

"Sudevi is awesome to work with! She clearly communicates her vision and is open to adjust to our various branding and budget needs. It has been super helpful in that she is a wonderful media artist as well as a great technical resource to take action on all of our social media needs." - Karen Chapple, Fun Is Good

"Without Sudevi's help, I would have never gotten my Instagram and Facebook business pages off the ground. It is great to have someone available, who knows what she's doing." - Frederico Gama, Fitness Trainer

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