When you’re making a social media post for your business, it’s easy to feel like you must include hashtags whenever possible because that’s what everyone else is doing. When approaching hashtags, I’ve seen many fall into the trap thinking they are a must-have, only to crowd perfectly good posts with hashtags that don't bring value. The key to using hashtags successfully lies in which platform you use them in.


Instagram is the most hashtag friendly platform. Currently, you can use up to 30 hashtags per post. Using relevant hashtags can boost your post significantly, even without having many followers. This is because Instagram uses the hashtags to push your content out to people’s “explore” tab. You can make your post seen by relevant interest communities in this fashion too. All in all, Instagram hashtags, can help you.  


Hashtags that have millions of posts or less than 1,000 don't work best. You can risk your post being lost in an over-saturated or underused tag. Diversify your hashtag popularity, and above all, keep it relevant!


When it comes to Facebook, hashtags are not the main (or significant) way that the algorithm pushes around content. One or two hashtags won’t hurt too much, but use them sparingly as adding hashtags can make your post look chaotic or amateurish. With Facebook, using hashtags could be hurting your content, and image! 

Edit: Shortly after this was published, Facebook rolled out a new feature that highlights hashtags and encourages users to explore posts related to the tag. It's still unclear if this feature is activated for everyone, as Facebook will (notoriously) launch a new feature for only a select few accounts for testing. Either way, my advice remains to keep it to one or two tags per post. 


A huge part of Twitter is based around trending tags. It’s a great strategy to keep a lookout for these trends and chime into a conversation when it’s relevant to your page or business. You don’t want to, though, use hashtags just to use them either. Less is more, and in case I haven’t made it clear by now: Relevance! Is! Key!


On Instagram and LinkedIn, put your hashtags at the end of your caption and then make a paragraph space between them. Your hashtags will be hidden!


LinkedIn has some use for hashtags, even though they aren't the most effective way to get your posts seen. Make sure that your hashtags are highly relevant, as this is the platform where you want to look as professional as possible- for obvious reasons! If you're feeling like adding a tag Sudevi Social’s rule of thumb is to keep them at three and under.

A well-picked hashtag on the right platform can bring you great use. Having too many hashtags can not only be distracting, but not even help your post get seen! I advise experimenting and tracking results as best you can. What hashtags brought you high-quality and relevant engagement? Did any backfire? Let me know in the comments!

- Sudevi Mossé


About Sudevi Mossé

Sudevi Mossé is a social media manager and strategist based in the Twin Cities, Minnesota.

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