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Hi there, it's your social media guide Sudevi! I'm here to give you my top two tips for finding the right social media manager for you and/or your business. It can be overwhelming to figure out what managers do if you're new to or unfamiliar with social media. Finding the perfect fit actually starts with you and your mindset. Let's dive in!

Top Tip #1: Be Specific

There are social media managers who are also strategists, event specialists, and others that work on a few specific online platforms. Some social experts are experts in visual fields like photography, video production, website design, graphic design, and many more. The more specific you are about your needs before the initial meeting, the more a social media professional can get an idea of which of their skills or specialties they'll use on your projects. If you you're not sure- don't worry! Here are examples of specific questions you can ask to get the conversation started in the right direction: 


  • Which platforms do you work with? How could those work for my online audience / industry?
  • What other services do you provide, are they part of a package plan or sold separately?
  • Do you report on analytics for your clients, what are your benchmarks of success?


Top Tip #2: Be Open

If you're starting your social media from the ground up, or you're along for the ride and not sure what to expect, give your social media expert room to experiment. When you're flexible, it allows them to take the necessary risks required to get you the following and online attention you deserve. Putting trust in someone else's hands might sound scary, if a post that falls flat it won't kill you business.

Even in the "worst case scenario" a negative reaction to a post can provide vital intel on the beliefs and values of your online fans and help you craft more successful future posts.

Creating pressure for top-performing posts at first encourages your social media professional to play it too safe and hurts your longterm results. They should have a solid understanding on how businesses translate their message effectively on social media. So if you let them do what you hired them to do and you'll see better results!

It's okay if it takes time to hone in your social media needs or figure out which social media platforms are the best fit for you. Be patient, have realistic expectations, and communicate often with your manager. What do you think is the hardest part when pickings a social media expert? Share your story in the comments below! Until next time,

- Sudevi Mossé


About Sudevi Mossé

Sudevi Mossé is a social media manager and strategist based in the Twin Cities, Minnesota.

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