Top 3 Social Media Workflow Tips

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It’s time to take the frustration out of your social media content planning. With these workflow tips you’ll learn how to streamline and organize your social media content by using free and easy tools. Spend less time stressing and more time creating!

1. Content Buckets

The first step is organizing your material. It’s common to come across multiple things while you’re researching and brainstorming that you’d like to post but can’t right away.

When you collect materials sort them into different “buckets,” they can be clearly labeled documents or folders. For example “cat pictures,” “interesting articles,” or “upcoming events.”

Then, when you’re scheduling posts you’ll have organized folders to choose from without having to search all your emails or files. Also, you won’t need to overthink content organization when you’re browsing and coming up with great post ideas.

2. Spreadsheets

A simplified spreadsheet can be helpful as a quick overview of all your posts going out. This is an excellent way to keep all your trackable links in one place and save time if something glitches in your social media publisher and you lose your work.

3. Reference Document

You can save significant time by compiling a reference document with your most used hashtags. Then, all you need to do is copy and paste the tags into your post drafts when you schedule instead of writing them from scratch each time.

This can be a good way to keep track of hashtags over various campaigns and keep tabs on which ones you’ve used.

You can also include fast links to your website, stock image sites, for quick browsing and to reduce time spent hunting down content.

The best part about your workflow?

The best part of having an efficient workflow is finding ways that make it simple and fast for you. The ultimate goal is to reduce time while doing repeat and mundane tasks so you can free up your mind to create content. Let me know if these tips helped you! I’d love to hear your innovative ways to organize your social media content planning workflow.

- Sudevi Mossé


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Sudevi Mossé is a social media manager and strategist based in the Twin Cities, Minnesota.

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