What (shall I post) Now? 3 Easy Ways Out of “Poster’s” Block

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It’s easy to get overwhelmed and suffer from “poster’s block” when you’re planning out your social media content. There are simply too many options to choose from. Let’s tackle your “poster’s block” in three steps to get your ideas flowing today and during future social media content planning sessions:

1. Choose the media you’re going to use.

Typically, the most engaging mediums are images and short videos. When in doubt, always always always see if you can find a way to post an image. Text-only posts and article links tend to get pushed down in Facebook algorithms and aren’t easily transferable to image- based platforms like Instagram.


If you’re posting an article or link, find a relevant picture and put the link in the caption for a clean and a more algorithm-friendly alternative.

2. Ask yourself big picture questions.

  • What are previous images that you’ve posted recently and do they visually clash with the post you’re making? Think color palette and image composition.
  • What are topics have you posted about lately? Have you posted about a topic three times in a row? Maybe it's time for something new. The balance of staying on topic but also keeping posts fresh increases follower interest.
  • Number of posts, and time of day are up to you and your company strategy.

3. Keep track of your patterns.

It can be hard to keep track of exactly all the pictures you’ve used, articles, and topics you’ve covered. Which is why keeping a spreadsheet and reference documents aid you during content creation. These give you a more clear direction of what to repeat and what to change up.

Switching up post type, messaging, feel, look, etc may surprise you with the results! Often posts that perform best are unexpected. Stepping outside of the usual can majorly pay off and help your social media content ideas flow in future too. I hope you’ve gotten out of your block and that these tips helped! Let me know ways you gets you out of your posting funk!

- Sudevi Mossé


About Sudevi Mossé

Sudevi Mossé is a social media manager and strategist based in the Twin Cities, Minnesota.

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