Captions & Photos: Optimizing Your Post Design

Each social media platform has its own little quirks when it comes to captions and picture formatting. While post design isn’t standardized and mostly up to personal preference, with these tips you’ll know what errors to look out for and what formatting techniques to use for a clean and professional look on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Short engaging captions work well on Facebook. Spacing between paragraphs is slightly small, so you can always insert a period (or emoji) to make more space between sentences for your post to breathe. For example, you can do this if you want to add a note or link at the end, but you don’t want to cramp the main caption.


With Twitter, there is no choice but to make a short post! It often looks neat to put a space between the text and hashtags, especially if you have a link at the end of your text.

If you’re using a social media publisher, pictures risk of cropping in a way that you didn’t intend, so be sure to crop bigger pictures into the correct dimensions. If you’re using a publisher, most will have an image cropping feature for platform-specific dimensions. For reference, here’s an article with all platform photo dimensions.


The caption-friendly platform! If you want to write a little more it’s a good environment to do so. If you do, make sure to create breaks between the sentences or paragraphs, depending on the caption. There’s no easy way to do this from the app or a publisher, so you can use this site to program your spaces and make sure they show up properly.

Some social media managers put their hashtags in the comments and some choose to add their hashtags at the end of their captions. This is a personal preference, although, if you’re putting hashtags in the caption you can make a space beforehand so it looks cleaner.

On Instagram the hashtag limit is 30. The more relevant and quality hashtags you use, the more you maximize your post reach. You can have a successful post even without any followers if your hashtags reach the right people.


This platform can be difficult for formatting images. From social media publisher to post, images will show up with borders even if they aren’t exactly the right dimensions. Cropping to the correct dimensions may make the image slightly blurry, so it’s up to you to choose which way to post it.

LinkedIn uses hashtags within the platform, although not as effectively as other platforms. You can use them sparingly and make a space after the caption so they get hidden, under the “see more” link on the post.

Don’t be afraid of the experimentation process and give yourself room to try new things in your social media post design. You can always edit or repost something. Exploring various formatting will help you find your visual preferences and find what’s best for your and your message. Don’t forget to have fun out there!

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